LABLAW is the realization of a professional vocation which goes beyond the partners who founded the firm.  

Francesco Rotondi & Luca Failla - LABLAW Founding Partners

With roots in the important Italian labor and employment law schools, LABLAW's partners have developed over the years an experience which is international and one which is also very sensitive to the continually changing dynamics of business in Italy.

LABLAW's story speaks of collaborations with major Italian companies, large international groups and high profile managers who have been successfully assisted during key stages of their professional careers.

Active in many national and international professional associations LABLAW's team members are also regular speakers at conferences and seminars - lecturing on a wide range of labor and employment issues.  

In addition to writing numerous books and articles, LABLAW's team members also hold teaching positions at major Italian Universities such as the State University of Milan, SDA Bocconi, and the University of Rome 'Tor Vergata'.