Welfare, Compensation & Benefits

Live to work or work to live: The company is a place to perform work, but today it is also a place where it is important to be able to reconcile production requirements, individual aspirations, growth and, not least, personal needs.

  • Evaluation of salary packages, for Italian employees and expatriates, evaluation of the package consistency with respect to salary ceilings
  • Evaluation of the remuneration package from the point of view of Italian social security implications
  • Definition of welfare plans, evaluation of the most suitable contractual and management tools (part-time, supplementary work and elastic clauses, supplementary health care, supplementary pensions, long term care, telecommuting, agile work (Smart Working), retention period for illness, management of maternity/paternity/parental leave, management of the holidays and permissions, remuneration with incentives (including child care benefits), working hours, extraordinary management, man-hour database, targeted training courses
  • Evaluation of benefits and services (spending vouchers, supplementary pensions, private health care insurance, share plans, etc.)
  • Sharing welfare aims with Italian trade union representatives

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