Managerial and Organizational Advice

We strongly believe that the care and attention to relationships in everyday life are the viaticum for achieving great goals. Many small steps towards a single objective.

  • Advice and assistance in managing the labor effects stemming from the redefinition of corporate organizational structures
  • Advice and assistance to businesses on all matters related to Italian employment relationships and the management of personnel
  • Assistance with the establishment, modification, and termination of employment relationships
  • Drafting of ad hoc employment contracts according to the client’s requirements, probational trial period contracts, retention contracts, gardening leave etc.
  • Employment Contracts: Drafting of subordinated permanent, part-time, and apprenticeship employment contracts in addition to management contracts
  • Assistance with disciplinary procedures, individual dismissals for justified objective reasons and for just cause
  • Management of transfer procedures, change of duties and position level, smartworking
  • Analysis of performance and the organization of work, absenteeism management, poor performance and business productivity, work permit management, Italian Law 104/1992 etc.
  • Drafting of non-competition agreements, stability pacts, individual agreements
  • Preparation of ethical and disciplinary codes of conduct, whistleblowing procedures, etc.

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