Privacy, Innovation and Workplace Controls

Privacy is a right that must be coordinated with the requirements of the company and the ability to monitor the workforce.

  • Privacy in the workplace, the protection of personal data, preparation and revision of privacy information circulated to employees and customers, management of the relationship with the Italian Data Protection Authority and Italian Ministry of Labor, authorisation of video surveillance and monitoring equipment as per Article 4 of Italian Law No. 300/70, biometric data, GPS etc.
  • Verification of compliance with Article 4 of Italian Law 300/1070 and of the business tools which could result in the potential monitoring of employees
  • Review and preparation of agreements as per Article 4 of Italian Law 300/70 or the inspection authorization requests for remotely monitoring employees
  • Advice and adaptation of personal and sensitive data for businesses that carry out the communal treatment of data (adaptation of IT systems; risk analysis; drafting of the check list – documentary evidence showing the obligations to be respected; engagement letters, establishing company policies on security and privacy; release of legal documentation for possible inspection by the competent authorities)
  • Assistance with proceedings in front of the Italian Data Protection Authority

  • Training courses for those in charge of the treatment and handling of data; free subscription to the firm’s newsletter on privacy in order to be updated on monitoring the workforce; assisting companies with the adaptation of the new EU regulation 679/2016

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