Public Work and Assistance to Public Institutions and Companies

We have established a solid experience in the public sector and in the management of employment relationships with public companies, and we can easily untangle the regulations of the sector.

  • Assistance during selective recruitment procedures as per Article 19 of Italian Legislative Decree 175/2016
  • Drafting of employment contracts and any documents concerning the employment relationship
  • Management of critical issues related to the drafting of non-competition agreements and golden parachute clauses with subsidiaries
  • Management of critical issues related to the recognition of remuneration packages which are higher than the legal limits
  • Assistance with staffing review processes in subsidiary companies in order to identify surpluses in the workforce (as per Article 25 of Italian Legislative Decree 175/2016 and the Italian Ministerial Decree of December 23, 2017)
  • Individual and collective dismissals
  • Disciplinary disputes
  • Assistance in labor litigation, in pre-trial and in court, before any authority in Italy

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