How we work

Availability and Accessibility.

With 50 professionals based in Milan, Rome, Genoa, Naples, Bologna, Bari, Turin and Messina, the LabLaw team is available to assist HR professionals, executives, and recruitment agencies with labor and employment law matters such as trade union negotiations, industrial relations, reorganizations, downsizings projects, dismissals, employment contracts, stock option schemes, benefits, health and safety in the workplace as well as employment related litigation – 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year.


The value of specialization.

LabLaw brings together professionals who are all exclusively specialized in Italian Employment and Labor Law. The analysis and management of each individual client case is assigned to a team, tailored to meet that client’s specific needs.
The high level of specialist skills within the LabLaw team reinforces the value of services on offer to our clients, whether they be Italian businesses or multinational organizations.
LabLaw’s partners are recognized at the international level for their work in the field of Italian employment law and industrial relations by the most important legal directories such as Chambers, Legal 500, Expert Guides, Best of the Best and Who’s Who Legal – to name but a few.


The services LABLAW offers businesses.

Thanks to the number of legal experts on the team, LabLaw is able to offer high level advice in all sectors and areas of employment law and industrial relations: from day-to-day advisory work to defending companies in complex litigation; from the choice of employment contracts to the management of employment relationships in all of its operational aspects; from restructuring businesses to the reduction of personnel, including collective redundancies; from industrial relations to assistance with negotiations at the company or national level, from the safeguarding of corporate assets to protection from unfair competition and much more.
There is no single aspect of Italian employment and labor law that LabLaw has not already seen and dealt with successfully for its clients.


Efficiency, Availability and New Technology.

Italian employment and labour law is an established craft that LabLaw combines with both an innovative approach and the advantages of modern technology. LabLaw’s lawyers work alongside their clients proposing and guiding them with the adoption of more effective solutions and providing the reasons for the choices taken.
Italian employment and labor law is also a practice that is evolving at a rapid pace as the way in which we work, such as working times and conditions, is continually changing. For this reason LabLaw offers clients continual professional updates and training sessions, access to legal advice 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year, making available the technological tools that are a hallmark of a truly progressive firm available to our clients in order to ensure a quick and effective response to every situation.


The ability to communicate with the world.

LabLaw has always looked beyond its national borders, ensuring that the firm’s activities and interests extend beyond Italian employment law. In fact, it is no coincidence that LabLaw is able to effectively communicate with foreign companies and multinationals, fostering an understanding of the complexity and the specifics of employment law in Italy thanks to its international desks.


Thanks to its Internetional Desk LabLaw can also offer Italian businesses an efficient and concrete assistance in every area, and on every continent, guaranteeing a standardized and uniform service, as well as one billing rate range, on cross-border acquisitions, international reorganizations, secondments and expatriates worldwide.

About us


The name LabLaw affirms our position as a first class player on the Italian legal scene. It leverages the firm’s in-depth knowledge and widely recognized innovative working methods. The firm utilizes winning approaches gained from international experience and is pioneering with respect to the Italian legal.
Ambitions, projects and objectives to be translated into action – but first into a name, or a term which is recognizable to our clients – a brand: a word or a pair of words that together represent a distinct set of values that stand out on the Italian employment and labor law landscape.
This is the origin of LabLaw, it combines our mature international experience in the field of ‘law’ with ‘labor’, our area of specialization. LABLAW is the expression of a vocation that goes beyond the professionals who founded the firm.