LABLAW Academy

Corporate Training


LABLAW’s Training Department has an innovative approach in the legal education landscape in terms of approach, content, and delivery method.

The department’s creation is founded on the knowledge that through the assignment and use of the correct tools (concrete and operative knowledge in line with opportunities as well as knowledge of the constraints of Italian legislation; the experiential framing of legal issues in a real management context; the growth of managerial skills aimed in particular at the management of critical situations) companies can:

  1. Improving efficiency and productivity;
  2. Attribute certain and binding rules;
  3. Protect resources and know-how;
  4. Prevent litigation, and if it is not possible, manage it in the best way possible;
  5. Improve interpersonal skills of managers with their employees.

The training courses are designed and directed towards employees with managerial responsibilities

(Executives, Office Managers, Production Department Managers, Sales Managers, Customer Service Managers).

Training courses can also be designed for HR professionals working in the area of trade union / industrial relations, management (i.e. HR Business Partners), in the soft areas (training, develoment) and hard areas (management, litigation), in Payroll/Litigation offices and in phases of onboarding (young people in the starting / training phase).

Study & Research Center

Employment and labor law is a field subject to an incessant and very rapid evolution. New laws, both national and international, and jurisprudential guidelines that can impact corporate processes, require the need to be continuously updated in order to be able to meet the needs of business.

In order to achieve this LABLAW has always focused on the continuing education of all of its professionals. But not only that. In order to always be up-to-date and to be able to always offer businesses a timely and competent service LABLAW was the first law firm in Italy to establish its own Study & Research Centre which is in charge of coordinating all of the firm’s research, development and education activities, as well as editorial activities, in the field of Italian employment and labor law.

The Study & Research Center is the reference point of the LABLAW team for all knowledge management activities related to information and professional development as well as for the realization of thematic insights, publications and essays.

The Study & Research Center also provides external training for companies, planning a continual series of seminars and conferences on innovations in employment and labour law and can also build tailor-made courses for clients, refresher courses and in-house training on all Italian labor law and industrial relations themes.

Conferences & Seminars

Our lawyers regularly speak at conferences and seminars on employment and labor law matters, as well as business issues, both in Italy and abroad.

In addition to a large production of books and articles, the professionals of the firm carry out teaching activities at important Italian universities such as the State University of Milan, SDA Bocconi, the University of Rome ‘Torvergata’ as well as at speaking at training courses organised by important Italian organisations such as Il Sole 24 Ore and Wolters Kluwer among many others.