Francesco Rotondi

Founding – Managing Partner


Degree from the Catholic University of Milan, J.D. 1991.

Bar Associations

Member of the Bar Association since 1994.


English and French.


Francesco Rotondi is the Founding and Managing Partner of LabLaw Studio Legale Rotondi & Partners.

He provides 360° Labor Law and Industrial Relations counsel to numerous important Italian companies as well as international businesses with operations in Italy. He boasts a solid experience assisting with reorganization and restructuring plans, extraordinary operations, trade union litigation, the management of employment contracts, and with the organization of agency networks in the commercial and credit sectors.

Francesco is particularly well known for managing complex reorganizations and corporate restructuring, top management labor issues and litigation, in addition to providing counsel on future scenarios of labor law and the individual work contracts – advising on new types of employment contracts for the digital economy.

Francesco commenced his professional career in 1991 at Trifirò & Partners, where he became Partner. In 2001, he joined Hammonds Rossotto as a Partner and Head of the Employment and Industrial Relations Department.

In 2006, Francesco Rotondi founded LabLaw – one of the top employment and labour law firms in Italy.

Professional associations

Francesco Rotondi is a member of the International Bar Association (IBA), the Italian Employment Lawyers Association (AGI), the European Employment Lawyers Association (EELA). In addition, Francesco is a Member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Personnel Directors (AIDP) of Lombardia, a Member of CONFINDUSTRIA, as well as being a member of the Scientific Committee of Employment Law & Practice at IPSOA – the Italian Professional institution of Corporate Organisation.


Institutional and associative assignments

– Technical Advisor within the Scientific Technical Committee of the States General of the World of Labour including all the Ministers of Labour of the Italian Republic since 2000 (constitution, September 2020)
– Member of the Scientific Committee of the IULM University Foundation of Milan, at the Ministry of Education, University and Research Cabinet Office
– Component of the Working Group for Expo Dubai 2020 constituted in November 2018 at the Department for Higher Education and Research of the MIUR, Ministry of Education, University and Research
– Legal advisor to the Board of Directors of ALIS (Sustainable Intermodal Logistics Association) in planning 2019 objectives, including the development of the association network, the establishment of Alis Europe and the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on Industrial Relations on 20 May 2019. Lablaw is ALIS’ exclusive partner for all matters relating to labour law and industrial relations management.
– Collaborator of the main industrial associations in the country
– Member of the Board of Arbitrators of ASSOLAVORO (CONFINDUSTRIA)
– Chairman of the Committee of Guarantors of the Lombardy Region for Medical Management for the years 2002/2005


Francesco Rotondi is Director of the Licosia Edizioni series “Il lavoro è cambiato. Let’s change the rules”, born in 2018 with the aim of developing an evolutionary vision of labour law; he is also the Editorial Director of KongNews, an online journalistic publication specialised on labour, business, economy, with over 250,000 unique monthly readers.

Since 2021, Francesco Rotondi has also been the Director of the Editorial Series “Lavoro: spunti di vista e punti di svista” published by FrancoAngeli, which aims to address the most relevant and topical issues concerning labour law, always through the perspective of two different authors with opposing points of view. The aim is not to highlight differences but to learn more about the ideas of each in order to promote points of contact.

A columnist for the most important newspapers, he has always been the author of numerous essays and scientific publications on labour law and collaborates with many specialised journals in the field of labour law, including: Diritto & Pratica del Lavoro, IPSOA; Il Lavoro nella Giurisprudenza, IPSOA; Guida al Lavoro, Il Sole 24 Ore; Avvocati 24, Il Sole 24 Ore; Il Quotidiano Unico, IPSOA; Guida alle Paghe, IPSOA; Leggi di Lavoro, rivista giuridica dei consulenti del lavoro, Fondazione Studi Consulenti del Lavoro; Sintesi, rassegna di giurisprudenza e doctrina, Commissione Studi e Ricerche dell’Ordine dei Consulenti del lavoro; HR online, AIDP; Dir. Pers, AIDP.




Scientific Publications

– Human Resource Management: The levers of change, Top Legal Academy, June 2021 (ed.)
– Vaccinations in the company, Practical guide work, privacy, criminal law – Lablaw Papers April 2021 (ed.)
– e-book “HR and remote working. Remote work, working time, performance, protocols, compensation, welfare and employment crisis management”, IPSOA, Explico Series, July 2020 (co-author)
– #Decreto Rilancio – An operational guide to measures with Labour impacts – Lablaw Papers, May 2020 (ed.)
– Lavoro e Previdenza, IPSOA InPratica, April 2020 (co-author)
– e-book ” Health emergency and personnel management” (co-author), an operational handbook to navigate through regulations, prohibitions and management opportunities, updated to the Law converting the “Cura Italia” decree and the DPCM 26 April 2020 Phase2
– Guide Operative “Covid-19”, for a correct management of employees (12 and 24 March 2020, co-author)
– Labour and Welfare, IPSOA InPratica, April 2019 (co-author)
– Privacy and Human Resources – E-book IPSOA, Guide to GDPR, June 2018
– Labour Law Commentary, Giuffrè Editore, June 2018
– Commentary form: process of cognition – III Edition, Book II Title IV, IPSOA, May 2018 (co-author)
– Work and Welfare, IPSOA InPratica, April 2018 (co-author);
– The Social Security Reform, IPSOA, 2017
– Labour Law and Industrial Relations – IPSOA, 2017
– Job Rules in Italy – Labour Law and industrial relations, IPSOA, 2015 (co-author)
– Labour Law and Industrial Relations – IPSOA, October 2014
– Annotated code of labour relations. Doctrine and jurisprudence – IPSOA, January 2014
– Individual dismissals – E-Book Series “Lavoro e Previdenza” – Wolters Kluwer, November 2013
– Labour Code. Constitutions and Basic Laws (co-author) – IPSOA, 2012
– The New Labour. What changes for companies and employees. Law 28 June 2012, n.92, Series “Riforma del Lavoro” in 9 volumes, IPSOA July 2012 (co-author)
– Subcontracting, administration, fixed-term contracts, IPSOA, 2012 (co-author)
– Work administration. Differenze con il contratto a termine e l’appalto di servizi, GIUFFRÉ EDITORE, 2012
– Collective dismissals, IPSOA, 2008
– Commented code of the employment relationship, IPSOA, 2008
– Labour law course, CEDAM, 2008
– Labour code – legislation and practice, IPSOA, 2007
– Practical handbook of labour law, CEDAM, 2005
– Anti-syndicate behaviour, CEDAM, 2004
– Code of private employment relationship, LA TRIBUNA, 2003 (co-author)
– The temporary employment relationship, IPSOA, 2000






– “Agile, Smart, from home. The new worlds of work”, Franco Angeli, May 2021
– “Generation Z and work”, co-authored with Paolo Iacci, Franco Angeli, March 2020
– Preface to the book “Guardo il mondo (del lavoro) da un oblò” (I look at the world (of work) from a porthole), edited by Antonio Calcò Labruzzo, entitled “un giorno crescerò e nel cielo della vita volerò” (One day I will grow up and fly in the sky of life), Licosia Edizioni, series “Il lavoro è cambiato. Let’s change the rules”, January 2020
– Collaboration on the book by Nunziante Mastrolia “Dalla Società Fordista alla Società digitale” (From Fordist Society to Digital Society), editing chapter “il welfare nelle relazioni industriali” (welfare in industrial relations) – Licosia Edizioni, series “Work has changed. Let’s change the rules”, December 2019
– Preface to the book by Tatiana Coviello, “Nemmeno gli struzzi lo fanno più.  Vivere bene con l’intelligenza artificiale” (Not even ostriches do it anymore – Living well with artificial intelligence) – Licosia Edizioni, series “Work has changed. Let’s change the rules”, October 2019
– Preface to the book by Elisabetta Dallavalle, “Tutta questione di benessere” (All about welfare) – Licosia Edizioni, series “Work has changed. Let’s change the rules”, March 2019
– Preface to the book by Pino Mercuri, “Il futuro del lavoro spiegato a mia figlia” (The future of work explained to my daughter) – Licosia Edizioni, series “Work has changed. Let’s change the rules”, November 2018
– “Jobs App, a new labour contract for the digital economy” – Edizioni Guerini Next, 2018 (co-authored with Luca Solari)
– “Lavoro e relazioni industriali al tempo della crisi e del Jobs Act” (Labour and industrial relations in times of crisis and the Jobs Act) – Welfare Annual Report 2016. The point of view of labour professionals .- Franco Angeli, 2016 (co-author)
– Flexibility Vs Precariousness, which side is Matteo Renzi’s Jobs Act on? – Rubbettino Publisher, 2015
– Dialogues on industrial relations, collective bargaining after Marchionne MIND 2012

Teaching activities

He regularly lectures and provides training and refresher courses for companies, and is a regular speaker at numerous specialist conferences on the subject for the most important Italian academic institutions. Among other teaching activities, he has recently collaborated with the MIP – Politecnico di Milano – Graduate School of Business, in the context of the Executive MBA Masters.

During his career, he has held the following academic positions and has been/is the holder of the following official and institutional teaching courses:

– Scientific Director of “Officina Risorse Umane” convention, HR Link – Stati Generali Mondo del Lavoro – 2021
– Scientific Director of the Master in Labour Law, Industrial Law and Management of Social Partners “HR & Labour Law” of Top Legal Academy – I Edition 2021
– Member of the University Commission for the drafting of the Consolidated Text of Legislative and Regulatory Provisions on Universities established at MIUR, Ministry of Education, University and Research (from March 2019);
– Adjunct Professor of Labour Law c/o Carlo Cattaneo University – LIUC (since 2013)
– Coordinator of the Scientific Committee of IULM Partner Companies – Free University of Languages and Communication (2019-2020);
– Adjunct Professor of Industrial Relations Law c/o European University of Rome;
– Professor of Labour Law at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” – Master OPL;
– Didactic Coordinator of the IPSOA 2016 Master in Labour Law and Business Organisation;
– Professor of labour law at the Institute of Labour Law, Catholic University of Milan;
– Lecturer at the Scuola di Alta Formazione Professionale della Lombardia AGI, Associazione Giuslavoristi Italiani;
– Member of the Scientific Committee of Diritto & Pratica del Lavoro, IPSOA.

He has also lectured as part of the following post-graduate and further education courses:

– Lecturer in the Executive Master in Communication & Human Resources at IULM “Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione” (Free University of Languages and Communication) (2nd edition 2019-2020);
– Lecturer at SDA, Bocconi School of Management; ISTUD (Institute for Management Studies) and ISPER (Institute for Personnel Management);
– Speaker for the most important HR associations: AIDP (Italian Association of Personnel Managers), HRCommunity Academy and GIDP (Gruppo Intersettoriale Direttori del Personale);
– Lecturer in the MBA Executive Masters, Graduate School of Business, at MIP – Politecnico di Milano 2017 (testimony on industrial relations and M&A);
– Lecturer in labour law within the Master IPSOA “I rapporti di lavoro nella crisi aziendale” (Labour relations in corporate crisis) (2017) and the Master “Diritto del lavoro e organizzazione aziendale” (Labour law and company organisation) (2017);
– Speaker at the training meetings organised by the Technical Scientific Committee of the Italian Professional Football League (Lega Italiana Calcio Professionistico – Lega PRO) and LIUC University (2014);
– Lecturer for the Master of Sports Law at the University of Milan (2013).

Sports assignments

– Vice-President Born To Fight (BTF), a sports association founded with the aim of promoting MMA (mixed martial arts) in Italy
– President of the Federal Court of Appeal within the Italian Kickboxing Federation (FIKBMS)
– Member of the Board of Arbitrators of the National League of Professional B Series


Accolades & awards

Recognised as one of the leaders in the field of labour law and industrial relations, he is the only labour lawyer in the list of 40 lawyers under 50 and has won numerous national and international awards and recognitions. He has been described by the market as “an outstanding lawyer, always involved in significant transactions. Appreciated and recommended by clients for his ability to offer “all-round consulting support with a very lucid view of the labour market”.



  • Inclusion in Forbes Italy’s 2021 list of 100 legal excellences
  • Labour and Industrial Relations Lawyer of the Year – TopLegal Awards 2020, December 2020
  • Sports Lawyer of the Year – Legalcommunity Labour Awards 2020, September 2020
  • AIDP Award to the Legal Pioneer – Legalcommunity Labour Awards 2020, September 2020
  • Included in the ranking of Elite Lawyers, Milano Finanza – Class Editori,
  • Best Lawyers and Best Corporate Law Firms 2020, April 2020
  • Included in the TOP 30 LAWYERS ranking on GQ Italia, December 2019
  • Included in the ranking of the 50 number 1 Italian business lawyers in 2019, MAG Legalcommunity, November 2019
  • Lawyer of the Year – Legalcommunity Labour Awards 2019
  • Lawyer of the Year – Media – Top Legal Industry Awards 2019
  • AA Ranking for Italian Employment Law – LegalCommunity Labour Report 2019
  • Top 5 Employment Lawyers in Italy | Le Fonti 2019 Legal 300 Rankings
  • Professional of the Year in Labour and Social Security Law – Top Legal Awards Rome 2018
  • Lawyer of the Year – Legalcommunity Labour Awards 2018
  • Lawyer of the Year – Le Fonti Awards 2018
  • AA Ranking for Italian Employment Law – LegalCommunity Labour Report 2018
  • Lawyer of the Year – Trade Union and Industrial Relations Law – Top Legal Awards 2017
  • Lawyer of the Year – Consulting, Legalcommunity Labour Awards 2017
  • Lawyer of the Year Employment Law, Le Fonti CEO Summit & Awards 2017
  • Lawyer of the Year Sport, Top Legal Industry Awards 2017
  • Labour Lawyer of the Year – Litigation, Top Legal Awards 2016
  • Labour / Trade Union Relations Lawyer of the Year, LegalCommunity Labour Awards 2016
  • Only labour lawyer ranked among the 40 most influential lawyers “under 50” in Italy 2015
  • Employment Lawyer of the Year, Le Fonti CEO Summit & Awards 2015
  • Legalcommunity Special Award, LegalCommunity Labour Awards 2014
  • Band 1 – Market leader in the category Trade Union and Industrial Relations Law, Top Legal, Labour Report 2013
  • Trade Union and Industrial Relations Lawyer of the Year, LegalCommunity Labour Awards 2013
  • Lawyer of the Year, LegalCommunity Labour Awards 2012
    TopLegal Awards 2010 – 2012 Labour Professional of the Year – Nominee




  • Italian Employment Law – Legal 500 EMEA 2007 – 2021
  • Recognised Practitioner – Italian Employment Law – Chamber Europe 2007 – 2021
  • Italian Employment Law – Best Lawyers 2010 – 2021
  • Italian Employment Law – Who’s Who Legal 2011 – 2021
  • Client Choice – Italian Employment Law – Lexology 2020
  • Employment, Labour and Benefit Lawyer of the Year – Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2017
  • The Lawyer European Awards 2012 European Managing Partner of the Year – Nominee
  • Legal Week Awards 2010 – 2011 European Managing Partner of the Year – Nominee
  • PLC Which Lawyer? 2006 – 2012
  • European Legal Experts 2007 – 2013
  • Best of the Best 2010 – 2012
  • Expert Guides 2007 – 2009 – 2011- 2013 – 2019
  • Chambers Global 2004 – 2006