LabLaw and Italia Paghe


  • Disciplinary and legal disputes
  • Corporate litigation
  • Due diligence
  • Corporate organisation
  • Personnel management
  • Contracts
  • Relations with social security and welfare institutions

The partnership between LabLaw and Italia Paghe, which sees the team led by Lucio Sindaco in the spaces of LabLaw’s Naples office, is strategic for Southern Italy and further consolidates the strong development of LabLaw in the area that has become the second, after Milan, for importance, number of clients assisted and turnover.

Italia Paghe is a leading company in employment consulting and outsourced HR services, which for years has been assisting some of the most significant businesses in Campania, and in general in Southern Italy, in terms of size and turnover, with a focus on the large-scale retail trade, commerce, hotel and transport sectors.



“We are carrying out, according to the timeline we have set ourselves, all the steps in our process of expansion and consolidation in the market, and this is one of them, which makes me particularly happy, having had the opportunity to appreciate the results achieved in Naples and Campania in the field by the collaboration established with Lucio Sindaco, with whom there is a unique operational and synergistic alchemy, which means that we are, as a team, able to provide fast, operational and very high quality responses.”

Francesco Rotondi

Via dei Mille n.16 – 80132 Napoli

Tel. +39 081 1970961

Fax. +39 081 19709633

About Italia Paghe:

Italia Paghe was founded in 2007 with a specific focus on personnel administration and labour law consultancy. Founded by Lucio Sindaco, Labour Consultant since 1989. It offers specialised support in the field of labour and human capital administrative management to medium-large companies, particularly with regard to the management control of personnel costs or specific decentralisation requirements linked to the presence of sites and branches in the territory or workers posted abroad.