Alessandro Paone



Degree from the Federico II University of Naples.

Bar Associations

He is registered in the Milan Register of Lawyers.





Alessandro Paone is the Partner of LABLAW.

He has a solid experience providing counsel to national and international businesses on the management of industrial reorganization processes, trade union relations, procedures for collective redundancies, mobility and layoffs. In recent years he been involved in some of the most important reorganisation and erestructuring operations in Italy.

Alessandro also provides day to day advice to clients and senior executives on the management and resolution of working relationships as well as representing businesses and individuals in and out of court. He is also well versed in advising Public Administration organisations on the management of their workforce.


Alessandro commenced his legal career with Crowe Harworth LLP. He joined LABLAW in 2011 and became a Partner of the firm in 2018.

Professional associations

Alessandro is a member of the Italian Association of Employment Lawyers (AGI).


Alessandro Paone also carries out an intense labor law teaching and conventions activity, which is flanked by a conspicuous production of publications on the main journals of the sector.

Accolades & awards


  • LegalCommunity Labour Awards 2019 – AIDP Public Employment Lawyer of The Year  2019 – WINNER
  • LegalCommunity Labour Report 2018 – Recognized Professional
  • LegalCommunity Labour Report 2017 – Recognized Professional
  • LegalCommunity Labour Report 2016 – Recognized Professional
  • LegalCommunity Labour Report 2015 – Recognized Professional
  • LegalCommunity Labour Awards 2015 – Emerging Professional of the Year – WINNER

Speaking engagements

Alessandro is extremely active speaking at numerous conferences and seminars around the country througout the year.


Alessandro is a frequent contributor to leading national newspapers and journals writing on a wide range of Italian employment and labour law topics.



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  • Comments on the Codes of the Employment Relationship. Doctrine and Law – IPSOA, January 2014


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