The Relaunch of Italian Entrepreneurship

LABLAW enters into a Partnership with Tesori d’Italia …



It is with great pleasure that LABLAW announces that it has entered into a partnership with Tesori D’Italia – an Italian magazine dedicated to the Made in Italy brand and is under the patronage of the Italian Foreign Ministry, the Italian Prime Minister’s office in addition to other notable parties.

This prestigious publication has stated “This is a partnership of great value for Tesori d’Italia which sees in the collaboration with LABLAW the completion of an entrepreneurial system that today can count not only on the numbers of an internationally accredited newspaper – such as Tesori d’Italia Magazine – but also on an increasingly broad and consolidated network of companies and professionals.

Here LABLAW Founding and Managing Partner Francesco Rotondi, together with Partners Alessandro Paone and Michela Bani, will be collaborating with Tesori D’Italia to educate and provide assistance to entrepreneurs and businesses looking to invest in Italy, and Made in Italy, on what they need to know in terms of the legal aspects of workforce management.

LABLAW is active in a diverse range of sectors which are important to the Italian economy such as banking and insurance, media, construction, telecommunications, and automotive. This is in addition to work it has done which has involved the Italian Ministry of Labour – as well as other high level governmental institutions. Of particular note is LABLAW’s extensive experience in the tourism sector, regularly providing counsel to the main multinational hotel companies in Italy on day-to-day matters in addition to assisting them over the years with the implementation of impressive and revolutionary corporate restructuring and reorganization processes.

LABLAW and Tesori d’Italia are currently developing a program to re-launch Italian entrepreneurship the territory through specific activities to support companies and international promotion – within the framework of the Made in Italy global distribution system.

For more information visit the Tesori D’Italia website here.