Interna Palumbo

Vincenzo Palumbo

Trainee – sede di Napoli


Laureato presso l’Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II

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 Inglese, Spagnolo


Vincenzo Palumbo, intern at Lablaw.

He graduated from the University of Naples Federico II in December 2022, after a semester-long thesis research period abroad at the prestigious Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

His thesis work in commercial law, titled “The abuse of dominant position with exclusionary effects in the digital market between national laws and EU law,” matures at the conclusion of a university course with a European scope, which began with a nine-month study period at the Universidad de Huelva and ended with the additional thesis research experience abroad.

He is currently the winner of a European scholarship aimed at conducting an internship abroad.

He lands in Lablaw in January 2023. He deals with labor law and industrial relations, offering support in both judicial and extrajudicial settings, including in the field of extraordinary transactions and in relation to every aspect of labor relations management