The ability to communicate with the world

LABLAW has always looked beyond national borders, ensuring that the firm’s activities and interests expand beyond Italian labour and employment law. LABLAW interacts and collaborates effectively with foreign companies and multinational corporations, fostering a better comprehension of the complicated and multifaceted labour and employment laws in Italy.

In order to guarantee assistance on a global level LABLAW, along with some of the most important specialist labour law firms in the world, founded the L&E Global Alliance in 2011(

With over 1,000 lawyers operating in 4 continent, L&E Global is an international alliance, headquartered in Brussels, which today counts 15 members, which are all specialized in labour and employment law, and a network of related law firms in major business centers around the world.

Thanks to this alliance, LABLAW is also able to offer Italian businesses a concrete and efficient assistance in every region and country, guaranteeing a standardized and homogeneous service, in addition to fee certainty on international cross border acquisition operations, international reorganizations, secondments and expatriates.

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